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Amal Ahmed Abdul Fatah, also known as Amal Ahmed al-Sadah, was allegedly 'the youngest of Osama bin Laden’s five wives'. 

At first the White House said 'she was used by Osama bin Laden as a human shield and shot dead by US forces who stormed his compound'. 
Then it was said that she was not killed. 

She is said to be aged 27. 

Then she is said to be aged 29. 

She is a CIA fake. 

The official story, put together by the CIA and certain Pakistanis, is that Fatah and Osama were able to travel around Pakistan undetected by the CIA or ISI. 

"Her account ... contains manifest flaws: Ms. Fateh’s words are paraphrased by a police officer, and there is noticeably little detail about the Pakistanis who helped her husband evade his American pursuers...
"It raises more questions about how the world’s most wanted man managed to shunt his family between cities that span the breadth of Pakistan, apparently undetected and unmolested by the otherwise formidable security services." (Source://

Reportedly this is Osama bin Laden with Zbigniew Brzezinski (* See note about the photo

1. Osama bin Laden and the Jewish Mafia 

The newspaper Scotland on Sunday reported 16/9/ 2001 that Osama bin Laden made his fortune in part by working with Jewish-Russian mafia operations in Qatar and Cyprus. 

2. Osama bin Laden and the Caymen Islands 

Michael Rupert (Osama Bin Laden - A CIA Creation and It's Blowback) has reported on possible links between Caymen banks and Osama bin Laden. 

Deutsche Bank (allegedly one of the banks used by bin Laden and inside traders at the CIA) reportedly has an interest in Safron Partners, which is part of a corporate network on the Cayman Islands that is allegedly run by Bin Laden's half brother, Hassan. 

Osama Bin Laden and the CIA and a Mr Hekmatyar are reputed to have been involved in the Afghan heroin business. 

Bin-Laden allegedly established branches of his business in the Cayman Islands; and he allegedly employed law firms and consultants connected to Langley, Virginia and the CIA. 

3. Osama and British Intelligence 

The French Internet publication, Indigo, reported that Osama bin-Laden was a guest of British Intelligence in London in 1996. ( Bin Laden - A CIA Creation and It's Blowback ) 

4. Bush and the bin Ladens 

One of George W Bush early backers was James Bath, who was "the bin Laden family's representative in Texas"(Bush Money

Bath allegedly managed millions of dollars for Khalid bin Mahfouz, one of the central figures in Bank BCCI, which was labeled as the bank for the Medellin drug cartel, Noriega, Saddam, Abu Nidal, and heroin godfather Khun Sa. 

Mahfouz was apparently an investor in the Carlyle Group of which Bush senior was a director. 

In 1999 it was reported that bin Mahfouz was financing Osama bin Laden. 

Mahfouz has a palatial estate in Houston Texas. 

James Bath was seemingly president of Skyway Aircraft leasing , a Texas company, owned by bin Mahfouz, and registered in the Cayman Islands. 
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