Thursday, November 17, 2011

#OWS Is Globalist, Anti-Capitalist At Its Core.

I was reading an interesting post on Reddit about the influence Unions are starting to have over Occupy Wall Street. Someone made a good point:

OWS won't succeed without help from somewhere.

I got curious as to who was behind the original call to protest. Turns out there are some antithetical bedfellows:

I know the article tries to conradict this notion but the analogy is a straw man. Soros giving to Tides and Tides giving to Adbusters is not like the author investing with CitiGroup and citigroup contributing to Romney. Tides Center is a cover for The Transnational Resource and Action Center who are:

"An anti-capitalist organization participating in numerous anti-corporate attacks. Demands complete disclosure by for-profit corporations while hiding as a non-disclosure project in the non-profit Tides Center, where CorpWatch retains total secrecy about its revenue, expenditures, projects and funding sources. The Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise demands that CorpWatch make public the usual disclosures as required of other non-profits by IRS regulations." [3] Source

What does it all mean? It means "We're the global 0.001% and we despise competition. You, the 99.999% will do/buy whatever we decide and help us accomplish our goals."

World domination has always been the name of the game. It has just become more insidious; the conquerors are using the soon-to-be-conquered to do their bidding. 

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