Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stay Hungry & Stay Foolish, Occupiers.

I don't know what most people in the US think about OWS. I wonder how much OWS itself knows. Answers to questions like "Will this really yield any change? Of what sort? Who facilitates the change? Are we just getting the ball rolling for government to step in a do things? Are we going to go home eventually and accomplish things by ourselves?"
The plan of action needs to look beyond the spectacle in the streets, hacking at the outward expression of corporatism, and work instead on the roots. In short, this means creating parallel institutions.
  • You want education for all? You can compile a free curriculum on your favorite subjects based on Youtube, Wikipedia Series and Nexus articles (via scribd).
  • You want sound money and sustainable sources of food? Buy from local companies/farms who bank at local banks and credit unions. Open up an account at one yourself and ask who their merchant customers are. See if they'd be interested in sponsoring a new account drive to help people switch from mega-banks. 
  • You want reformation of federal laws regarding banks / herb prohibition / HC / immigration / government secrecy? Tough. These are federal issues because the monopolists like it that way. It's what allowed them to buy the government and make the rules in the first place. The only alternative is a do-it-yourself society that no longer gives a portion of its wages to manage the upkeep of its chains.

    Stay hungry, OWS, & stay foolish too.  
    Don't settle for government compromise.  
    Don't settle until government is irrelevant.

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