Thursday, May 26, 2011

Judge Roll was Loughner's True Target

He has conveniently been declared "incompetant to stand trial." Seems to me like they were afraid of what a thorough discovery in this case would reveal. I'm guessing Federal Judge John Roll was his true target and there is no way that needs to come to light.

How would it look if it was discovered that the Federal Government is actually on the side of the anti-immigration tea party? I'm referring to the ruling that a rancher cannot hold captives on his land, no matter their legal status. See, the Federal government loves this debate. People get passionate about it; without it, the tea party would have to get mad about real social issues like the drug war! They might get past institutional bigotry and begin to care about social issues that actually matter!

Plus, Sheriff Mack's only judicial ally was a big thorn in their gun-grabbing side.

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