Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fun exchange on Reddit

This is from a comment thread on and article about Rand Paul's seven-hour filibuster in the Senate in lone opposition to the PATRIOT Act.

I feel the commenter spoke for a lot of America - he sounded at once opinionated yet complacent. The elite is desperate to hang on to the status quo, and legions of television watchers are there to back them up in the fight to maintain it. So here's the exchange:

[–]harveyardman (_) 1 hour ago (1|0)

I deeply disagree with about half of those positions. I believe in public schools and I believe that we are the government. I think the EPA and the FDA should do better, but I believe they are generally good. As for civil rights, I do not believe that any businesses have the right to exclude or treat people differently because of their race, religion or gender. Paul's idea of civil rights and mine do not coincide.

Rand Paul is a libertarian, which means that he would be a parasite if he could. He is not interested in maintaining or improving society, but in being as un-involved in it as possible, not contributing to it, while partaking happily in its benefits.

If he had his way, the United States would be a loose association of states, each making its own rules, and "e pluribus unum" would have no real meaning. I find his views largely anti-democratic and unAmerican, although as I implied, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

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