Friday, May 13, 2011

"How big's the lie Bob?"

Bob Mueller, a trial lawyer, took the job as the FBI's sixth director in 76 years, just before the ten twelve year plunge into darkness known as September 11^th, 2001. He has thus presided overHow big was it Bob? the entirety of the action plan to "change the world forever."

...Which was accomplished with about 100 grand, and a foot of razor blade wielded by 19 coked up hijackers; (who'd been living in FBI housing) some of the time.

In due course Mueller made sure the FBI thoroughly investigated the matter. He's n ex-marine and a likeable guy. The Commissioners probably all played a round of golf with Dick and W., since so convinced was the 9/11 commission that it had it's man, they did not even bother to look into financing of the terror nor include any findings in the 22 page section of the report. Pg 1, 1^st sentence

All I'm saying is he's a likely lynchpin in this whole macabre charade, this dumb and depravedly demented parade, and before this country careens off into another sunless chasm we must change course or else detach the wheels and hope we skid smoothly to a stop

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