Friday, January 14, 2011

Don't think for a minute that this is the face of anarchy

Tuscon Arizona, Jan 8th - A young man (this gen's Tim McVeigh, without as much help) is accused of bringing an extra-long clip with him to a Rally being help by Arizona's US representative Gabriel Giffords. She was shot, as well as about 20 others. Six died, including federal judge John Roll.

A couple of things immediately jumped out at me:

Rep. Giffords' official Youtube page was subscribed to two others: a fellow rep's, and Loughner's.

There are doctors who've ruled out an interest in politics. Some folks he knew in high school described him as apolitical. Then it seems he joined the chorus against the government. Here is a story fans of government might love wherein it says he repeats things he reads on Above Top Secret, so he's basically a libertarian.

His classmates say they don't recognize him in the mugshot that's been released, and they have some stark memories of him, including his own testimony that he was a victim of mind control.

The MSM is building him up to be as monstrous as possible. One former classmate was misquoted and stories about how he mentioned "strapping bombs to babies" took hold. The actual account given by classmates was that this statement was in response to a poem, in poetry class, about abortion, and the bomb was to be strapped to the fetus. His thought pattern, according to the account as quoted in the NY Times was abortion is murder, terrorism is murder, abortion as terrorism. A stretch, yes, but derranged? Hardly.

I think it's another McVeigh, who I wouldn't be surprised to learn was in contact with some shady entities, and who'll be used endlessly to cast normal folks in an unflattering light and worse, help turn this whole country against the ideas he supposedly supports. This and the photo from the SPLC:

At one point, Loughner refers disparagingly to “currency that’s not backed by gold or silver.” The idea that silver and gold are the only “constitutional” money is widespread in the antigovernment “Patriot” movement that produced so much violence in the 1990s. It’s linked to the core Patriot theory that the Federal Reserve is actually a private corporation run for the benefit of unnamed international bankers. So-called Patriots say paper money — what they refer to with a sneer as “Federal Reserve notes” — is not lawful.

Crazy talk!

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