Monday, September 20, 2010

CGI - Not your cuddly little Polar Bears anymore

CGI stands for the Clinton Global Initiative.

"One of the key features of CGI is the notion that the problems facing us are too big for any piece of the economy or any single organization to take on," says Bracken Hendricks, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, and an energy expert who has helped to coordinate Clinton's initiative since the beginning. "There's the ability to bring together a really complex set of conversations between people who otherwise wouldn't be talking.

-Today on the Daily Beast

Starting conversations between parties who wouldn't be talking in a rational world, one in which sovereignty, yours and your posterity's, trumps financial tyranny. Sadly today's world is one of the Global War on Terror, Global Weather Crisis, Global Financial Crisis...does this sound like bait for a Global Government "solution" to anyone else?

The article went on to say

"Some of the U.N.'s trouble stems from its many cooks. The 192 member states can only agree on the most obvious of policy proposals—say, primary education for all. What's more, the recession has rocked its budget, making it difficult to achieve the goals set out years before. But the more fundamental problem, in the U.S. at least, is not money but rather what can best be described as an "enthusiasm gap."

Enthusiasm gap, like the one the colonists had for the King's impositions. They meet with much fan fare, including OMG Ashton Kutcher, this week in New York. I'll update if need be.

Stay Free, my friends.

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