Friday, May 14, 2010

Amazing What Can Be Gathered from Wikipedia

Obama's father Obama Sr., was blacklisted in Kenya, and died in a car crash.

One attendee at his funeral was a very prominent and beloved politician named Robert Ouko. He died in 1990, assassinated. A "single caucasian hair" was also was found "loosely associated with a partially burnt handkerchief found at the scene" [9]. Other items including a gun, a diesel can and matches [1] were found nearby. All apart were subsequently identified as belonging to Dr Ouko. News of the murder set off riots in Nairobi. Initially they tried to rule it suicide. This right after a trip to DC, in 1990. An entire Kenyan delegation gets no mention in Bush's official diary.

Coincidence, or conspiracy? Did they kill off the only Kenyans with paternal ties to Pres. Obama? Remember, Bush the Elder was CIA, his dad helped found Army Intelligence, he was succeeded by good buddy and fellow coke importer Clinton, who was succeeded by Bush's lackey son, and then Barack.

I posit that Bush the elder and his MilPlex associates have controlled who was in the White House for at least thirty years, and what we are seeing now has been the plan since at least the 1970s, when Barack's mom worked for CIA front groups USAID and the Ford Foundation. Indonesia's economy was sustained throughout the 1970's, almost exclusively by oil export.

There is a shadow war, one for the earth's precious resources and global power. It is a web so tangled and clandestine that it will take historians decades to unravel fully. Until then, let's keep asking questions.

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