Friday, March 5, 2010

Pentagon - Are We Witnessing Controlled Revolution?

Thoughts on yesterdays shootings in DC and some articles. I'm a little dumbfounded - what did he think he was going to do? Cop assisted suicide is all this seems like to me.

My mother used the same phrase "off the deep end" in the subtitle of the WaPo article to summarily dismiss the very real idea of a so called coup regime. How many times it will be repeated for that purpose now is anyone's guess. Skip that thought.

Instead, think about what it means to be an American. It means you're a resident of one of fifty states, each with its own congress, capable of self determination. It does not mean relax while the financial syndicates manipulate the world's economy. It may be in "our" favor for now, but justice will be served. Better sooner and by us. What does that mean?

It means recording the injustices and petitioning, peacefully, the governments and fellow citizens for redress. Both governments should be targeted, the people's and the bankers' (State and Federal). It does not mean killing innocents, even if they work for the Pentagon or IRS; even the act will draw what you or a group deem much needed attention to that petition.

There are stunts besides those involving bombs, guns and planes after all. My advice: Target the government for redress while calling attention to your petition. How? Run for office! The bigger the better. Mayor of Austin, or better yet, San Marcos. Too many people in the field? Heavy-hitters hogging the spotlight? Do something scandalous! Just don't get caught up in the BS & forget to say your piece!

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