Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fusion Centers - What Are They?

A crack team of stand-up journalist/activists is undwerway with Operation Defuse.

Assembled for the purpose of exposing the purposes of and methods/companies employed by so called "fusion centers" - places where pieces of info on the populace gathered at every tier of government is combined and shared among the respective agencies to more fully develop a profile of ordinary citizens like yourself. Have a look at Operation Chaos and then this enemy_belligerent_act_2010.pdf which says "potential threat" a lot, but not "proven threat" or any such thing and remember that all the legwork is now being done by your local PD, Sheriff, DOT etc.

For more on who benefits see this pdf.

BTW We Are Change San Marcos, we made a list. "Patriot Groups": assembled by the Southern Poverty Law Center

I'd like to take this opportunity to say Yes, I Am A Patriot. If we didn't like this country, we would leave. This is a new era, one where everyone like us has input. What sets us apart? We know more? No, we just use what we know more.

Another side note, have a look at the Board of Directors for the SPLC. Gov't spook or two you reckon?

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