Monday, February 22, 2010

Last week/This week

Last Week:

Dr. Ron Paul (R-Texas) won the CPAC straw poll as most electable Republican for the office of PoTUS. This is great news because he's the only affiliate of a major party who's for the immediate withdrawal of all troops from around the globe. See here.

Tea party hijacking backlash`continues: After he brought on Debra Medina to smear her campaign over the unresolved 9/11 issues, Glenn Beck has been pelted by evidence of his own hypocrisy. My favorites include the WeAreChange video of Palin saying she supports a new investigation and of course the Ron Paul victory (above). his is a sea-change event, the wool is being pulled back. It's not hard, in fact it's less of a drape over the eyes and more of a slap to the face. Re-branding the Tea parties as the TEA Party is a joke and the 9/12 campaign proves it. Wake up, it was a 9/11 truth idea (Boston, '06) that blossomed seamlessly into the Ron Paul Revolution.

South Carolina Lawmaker Introduced a Bill to Ban Reserve Notes as Currency.

Plane crash in Austin prompts me to begin this blog. Some details are still surfacing, like the fact that his daughter and friends say he was not the sort of person to have written that letter or performed that act. Also of course the fact that HazMat was already in place (fast forward to maybe 2:30) I'll try to stay on top of this.

This Week:

From Heritage - Of specific importance is this bill, CIA will be getting $300 million this year for disability/retirement, almost %50 of its known operating budget of $.627 million

Al-CIAduh to attack in Central Asia soon says CFR (Controllers of Foreign Relations) leader Richard Holbrooke.

Last Month:
Cheney the mad-man pushed for overt US involvement in the Georgia-Russia conflict which he green-lighted behind the scenes.

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