Tuesday, November 10, 2009

To Academia

Please pull us out of the dark ages by noting the affronts to your collective intelligence constantly pummeling your varied institutions. When we, the New Academia are finally recognized there will quickly be no more disease, scarcity, or war (and we know who we are).

Here's something that should tick off the uncalloused, hidden in a little article about how KBR put 100K soldiers at risk and wasted waste they had already wasted on our dime; probably while falsifying reports about said disposal practices.

The damning bit of the article for me was that even the prosecution has subtly watered down its dialogue - stating on the sixth count and seventy-second complaint that "72. Defendants demonstrated either a deliberate intent to harm Plaintiffs, or an utter indifference to and conscious disregard for the welfare of Plaintiffs."

Isn't this the meat of it? I mean, sure, legalese and all, but isn't "concious disregard for" a lot worse than "utter indifference to"?

P: "They were utterly indifferent and consciously disregarded troop welfare"
D: "I'll agree with the first part and use that to cover my ass on the second."

Just an illustration. Otherwise I think about this every day. Scarcity. Ha, I tried asking the science professors "What about free energy?" and I think they got a little misty at my idealism and then went back to their moon rainbows, data mining and who knows what useful stuff. To a panel of poli-sci (my major) PhDs "Didn't anyone smell a rat immediately when reports surfaced that 'Russia attacked Georgia' after the installation of a pro-western leader in a color revolution, or at least while studying the Ossetia/Abkazia conflict and learning of the US Marines who came and went after running drills during the weeks prior?"

Mind you this was a panel discussion on that very topic. Instead of dumbfounded silence they went from right to left "I didn't smell a rat" and it was very telling because they all parroted each other.

I'm sick of this. This school, this country (just anyone with influence), this world with its indulgence of make believe laws, wars, freedoms and scarcities. There is abundance, look around. It's in what we can't see too. Feel it.

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