Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Al Gore Making HUGE Money on 'Warming'

WTI! (Who'da Thunk It)Al Gore is set to be a billionaire following an exhaustive multi-year campaign and an "Orwell Peace Prize".

In other news India, it was reported today bought half of the IMF gold for sale. That's like 10% of their dollar holdings, adjusted for the coming 3X upsurge in gold (2.5 adjusted for voodoo) making me think that today is d-day. Because to be perfectly honest the dollar is only worth 10% of what it seems. I want to give a big hello to the post - USD world but first this message:

Brought to you by a student of the economy, who understands why centralized control leads only to the "crisis" followed by "stability" followed by "crisis" ad infinitum.

Finally Lisa Marie Coppoletta goes to run-off in city council race 2009! By 15 votes! The money (Thomason is rumored to have spent $3 for Lisa's $1)
does NOT prevail!
..for now...

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