Thursday, December 11, 2008

Controlled Crisis

What has also gone almost totally unnoticed is the $700 billion drain from the economy via cash management bill. This holds down inflation and those funds end up in Treasuries that end up in elitist banks in exchange for toxic CODs, SIVs, and allows banks to handle their naked derivative problems. These tactics by the Fed and Treasury puts more downward pressure on the economy causing more unemployment and less consumer spending. This deepens the recession. Saving AIG, as we predicted, will cost $500 billion and Citigroup $1 trillion. JP Morgan Chase has unlimited funds to cover its derivative losses, control the bond market and to depress gold prices. That is why what Morgan does is classified as a national security issue.

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  1. Unbelievably the budget for the entire military is approximately $400 Billion. This should put the staggering amount of these bailout figures into perspective... and it's still not making a dent! The beauty of it all is that we handed the Banksters billions upon billions of dollars to free up credit liquidity and they turned around and told Americans they are not credit worthy enough to issue loans to! As if taking out a car loan is somehow prosperity?