Monday, September 29, 2008

Bail-Out Fails!!! For now...

Hello to everyone I met at ACL yesterday. Thanks if you got on the phone with your congressperson this morning, it worked! From

House Vote on the Bail Out: Open Thread: Fails

Wow, it’s going down to the wire with many NO votes…207-226 right now.

The Market is tanking badly too…And Newt Gingrich issues a statement that I heard on MSNBC which says he would reluctantly vote for it…Hmmm….

UPDATE: It failed….No one trusts Bush and McCain did nothing….

This mess shows that Conservatism is a failure. I know we are dismayed by our politicians, but don’t forget that under conservative leadership, we’ve had the total collapse of our financial sector and we can never stop saying that.

And if the media tries to portray Republicans as hero figures I’ll start my own drinking game.

And now this, an unrelated comment from that article posted by "Kathleen":


Come listen to this interview of Obama’s with Bob Schieffer of Face the Nation yesterday

Damn I knew I heard Obama say “Iran is developing nuclear weapons” during his appearance on Face the Nation on Sunday. He did not say they might, could, want to develop nuclear weapons Obama said “Iran is developing nuclear weapons” WTF

Why did Bob Schaeffer allow him to get away with repeating this unsubstantiated claim? We have heard Lieberman, McCain, Ledeen, Cheney, Bush, Rice, Reuel Marc Gerecht, Woolsey, Kristol, and other right wing radicals say this but this is the very first time I have heard Obama say this. What’s up with Obama repeating this?

Why is Obama ignoring the last NIE on Iran? Why is Obama ignoring what Iaea’s El Baradei has said about Iran? Why did Obama’s inaccurate and inflammatory claim about Iran pass by listeners and Bob Schieffer?

Listen to this interview with Obama? He said “Iran IS developing nuclear weapons” Obama needs to be called out on this.


I mean it was enough to listen to Senator McCain during the debat repeat 4 times the endlessly repeated and inaccurately interpreted statement that Iranian President Ahmedinejad allegedly said that “Israel should be wiped off the map”. Which Professor Juan Cole has confirmed was a complete misrepresentation (lie) of what the Iranian President said Zionism “will vanish from the pages of time” JIM LEHRER DID NOT CALL MCCAIN OUT ON THIS JUST LET HIM KEEP REPEATING THIS.

But now we have Bob Schieffer allow Obama to lie and say “Iran is developing nuclear weapons”

Obama needs to be called out on this statement. He needs to be called out fast on this, let him know folks have taken note of this very inflammatory statement about Iran

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