Thursday, December 2, 2010

WikiLeaks - Gold or Garbage?

Anyone find any solid nuggets in these cables? They have obviously been vetted for content, which is why you will find not a single mention of narcotics from Afghanistan, or any mention of Israel. Instructions from Hillary to spy on other diplomats is embarrassing, but she won't even resign. So who exactly got a black eye? If you ask me, the war hawks scored a victory here because now the American people believe that the Saudis will help us fight Iran. Oh and those who want to regulate/censor the internet, they scored a victory since half the American people believe the leak poses a national security threat. The other half love this mysterious Mr. Assange. Why? How many people are in jail now because of wikileaks? How many people have/will resign? For a real leaks website, pop on over to

UPDATE: Senior Turkish Official Says Israel Behind Leaks
I think Julian is deserving of this:

UPDATE 2: I was wrong there is mention of Israel, and narcotics which places blame on innocuous local organized crime in Israel. Gag me.

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