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"Obamney is the new Bradgelina"

Gary Johnson's latest advertisement is trying to get us talking. There is a hidden message during the lightening strike cut that flashes the words "Obamney is the new Bradgelina"

Clever ad I say, direct but with subtle conversation points.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012



Amal Ahmed Abdul Fatah, also known as Amal Ahmed al-Sadah, was allegedly 'the youngest of Osama bin Laden’s five wives'. 

At first the White House said 'she was used by Osama bin Laden as a human shield and shot dead by US forces who stormed his compound'. 
Then it was said that she was not killed. 

She is said to be aged 27. 

Then she is said to be aged 29. 

She is a CIA fake. 

The official story, put together by the CIA and certain Pakistanis, is that Fatah and Osama were able to travel around Pakistan undetected by the CIA or ISI. 

"Her account ... contains manifest flaws: Ms. Fateh’s words are paraphrased by a police officer, and there is noticeably little detail about the Pakistanis who helped her husband evade his American pursuers...
"It raises more questions about how the world’s most wanted man managed to shunt his family between cities that span the breadth of Pakistan, apparently undetected and unmolested by the otherwise formidable security services." (Source://

Reportedly this is Osama bin Laden with Zbigniew Brzezinski (* See note about the photo

1. Osama bin Laden and the Jewish Mafia 

The newspaper Scotland on Sunday reported 16/9/ 2001 that Osama bin Laden made his fortune in part by working with Jewish-Russian mafia operations in Qatar and Cyprus. 

2. Osama bin Laden and the Caymen Islands 

Michael Rupert (Osama Bin Laden - A CIA Creation and It's Blowback) has reported on possible links between Caymen banks and Osama bin Laden. 

Deutsche Bank (allegedly one of the banks used by bin Laden and inside traders at the CIA) reportedly has an interest in Safron Partners, which is part of a corporate network on the Cayman Islands that is allegedly run by Bin Laden's half brother, Hassan. 

Osama Bin Laden and the CIA and a Mr Hekmatyar are reputed to have been involved in the Afghan heroin business. 

Bin-Laden allegedly established branches of his business in the Cayman Islands; and he allegedly employed law firms and consultants connected to Langley, Virginia and the CIA. 

3. Osama and British Intelligence 

The French Internet publication, Indigo, reported that Osama bin-Laden was a guest of British Intelligence in London in 1996. ( Bin Laden - A CIA Creation and It's Blowback ) 

4. Bush and the bin Ladens 

One of George W Bush early backers was James Bath, who was "the bin Laden family's representative in Texas"(Bush Money

Bath allegedly managed millions of dollars for Khalid bin Mahfouz, one of the central figures in Bank BCCI, which was labeled as the bank for the Medellin drug cartel, Noriega, Saddam, Abu Nidal, and heroin godfather Khun Sa. 

Mahfouz was apparently an investor in the Carlyle Group of which Bush senior was a director. 

In 1999 it was reported that bin Mahfouz was financing Osama bin Laden. 

Mahfouz has a palatial estate in Houston Texas. 

James Bath was seemingly president of Skyway Aircraft leasing , a Texas company, owned by bin Mahfouz, and registered in the Cayman Islands. 
Continued Here

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

News Headlines: The 911 Rabbit Hole

9-11 Victims Compensation Fund This is where our government opened up the Treasury and gave family members of those who lost their lives that day lots of money. In return, these families were basically told to shut up about anything else concerning 9-11.

 The names of the victims whose family members sought compensation can be found on the CNN website.

 Here are the results: Flight 11: of the 92 people who are listed as dying on this flight, only 20 are listed in the SSDI (22%) Of these 20 people, only three are on the 9-11 Compensation Fund list: Judy Larocque Laurie Neira Candace Lee Williams

 Flight 77: of the 64 people who are listed as dying on this flight, only 14 are listed in the SSDI (22%) Of these 64 people, only five on the 9-11 Compensation Fund list: William Caswell Eddie Dillard Ian Gray John Sammartino Leonard Taylor

 Flight 175: of the 65 people who are listed as dying on this flight, only 18 are listed in the SSDI (28%) Of these 65 people, only three are on the 9-11 Compensation Fund list: Michael C. Tarrou Gloria Debarrera Timothy Ward

 Flight 93: of the 45 people who are listed as dying on this flight, only 6 are listed in the SSDI (13%) Of these 45 people, none are on the 9-11 Compensation Fund list: No one

 Have you noticed anything strange yet? Of the passengers and crew of Flight 11, 77, 175 & 93, only 22%, 22%, 28%, 13% respectively are in the SSDI. Of the 266 people that we were told died on these jets, only 11 relatives applied for compensation. Can you believe that not a single relative from Flight 93 applied for compensation? I can't. Were all the relatives of the victims so rich that they weren't eligible to receive compensation? No, that's not it. (The minimum federal award was $250,000, and the average pay-out was about $1.8 million. The recipients only had to make agreement: they couldn’t sue the airlines.) You should also know that most lawyers told their clients to take the money and run (which is what most lawyers would do - take the sure money). Ellen Mariani clearly elaborated on this point during her appearance on the radio show mentioned above.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I cannot cast a vote for war.

I just saw this on and I thought I'd share. I think the wars need to stop. That's the most important, and only issue I base my vote upon.

I cannot cast a vote for war.

Here's one good reason.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ron Paul Tea Party Money Bomb

Will it be as loud as the one in 2007 when we raised over 6 million in a single day? Smashing fundraising records is good publicity & the cause of liberty needs all the publicity it can get.

Tea Party Moneybomb

Thursday, November 17, 2011

#OWS Is Globalist, Anti-Capitalist At Its Core.

I was reading an interesting post on Reddit about the influence Unions are starting to have over Occupy Wall Street. Someone made a good point:

OWS won't succeed without help from somewhere.

I got curious as to who was behind the original call to protest. Turns out there are some antithetical bedfellows:

I know the article tries to conradict this notion but the analogy is a straw man. Soros giving to Tides and Tides giving to Adbusters is not like the author investing with CitiGroup and citigroup contributing to Romney. Tides Center is a cover for The Transnational Resource and Action Center who are:

"An anti-capitalist organization participating in numerous anti-corporate attacks. Demands complete disclosure by for-profit corporations while hiding as a non-disclosure project in the non-profit Tides Center, where CorpWatch retains total secrecy about its revenue, expenditures, projects and funding sources. The Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise demands that CorpWatch make public the usual disclosures as required of other non-profits by IRS regulations." [3] Source

What does it all mean? It means "We're the global 0.001% and we despise competition. You, the 99.999% will do/buy whatever we decide and help us accomplish our goals."

World domination has always been the name of the game. It has just become more insidious; the conquerors are using the soon-to-be-conquered to do their bidding. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Simple, really.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stay Hungry & Stay Foolish, Occupiers.

I don't know what most people in the US think about OWS. I wonder how much OWS itself knows. Answers to questions like "Will this really yield any change? Of what sort? Who facilitates the change? Are we just getting the ball rolling for government to step in a do things? Are we going to go home eventually and accomplish things by ourselves?"
The plan of action needs to look beyond the spectacle in the streets, hacking at the outward expression of corporatism, and work instead on the roots. In short, this means creating parallel institutions.
  • You want education for all? You can compile a free curriculum on your favorite subjects based on Youtube, Wikipedia Series and Nexus articles (via scribd).
  • You want sound money and sustainable sources of food? Buy from local companies/farms who bank at local banks and credit unions. Open up an account at one yourself and ask who their merchant customers are. See if they'd be interested in sponsoring a new account drive to help people switch from mega-banks. 
  • You want reformation of federal laws regarding banks / herb prohibition / HC / immigration / government secrecy? Tough. These are federal issues because the monopolists like it that way. It's what allowed them to buy the government and make the rules in the first place. The only alternative is a do-it-yourself society that no longer gives a portion of its wages to manage the upkeep of its chains.

    Stay hungry, OWS, & stay foolish too.  
    Don't settle for government compromise.  
    Don't settle until government is irrelevant.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

9/11/2011 - Tenth Anniversary of the Big Lie

Remember these guys?

Have you seen all the evidence here?

Office fires do not melt steel; no matter how many gallons of Jet-A you pour on, no matter how many miles per hour the jet was travelling. There is no reason that molten steel would be running like lava, for weeks after 9/11; except for the presence of demolitions materials.

Remember who the real terrorists are this weekend.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Operation Empire State Rebellion (#OpESR)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 - Washington's Blog

The Big Banks Have Sold Us Out. Democrats And Republicans Have Sold Us Out. No One Is Defending Our Interests. Our Future Is Going Up In Flames. It’s Time For Us To Stand Up And Defend Ourselves

Trillions of dollars in fraudulent activity by the big banks on Wall Street caused our current economic crisis. Paid off politicians from both parties, along with secret deals made by the Federal Reserve, gave trillions of taxpayer dollars and subsidies to the very people who caused our crisis. After taking our tax dollars, they had the audacity to give themselves all-time recording-breaking bonuses and consolidate wealth in unprecedented fashion within the economic top 0.01% of the population.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rose Colored Glasses

This is pretty funny. Some people cannot stand to think that there might be an agenda in this world which is invisible through rose colored glasses.

Namely, these folks:

Apartheid GOOD! - Human rights BAD!

Go Ron Paul!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Judge Roll was Loughner's True Target

He has conveniently been declared "incompetant to stand trial." Seems to me like they were afraid of what a thorough discovery in this case would reveal. I'm guessing Federal Judge John Roll was his true target and there is no way that needs to come to light.

How would it look if it was discovered that the Federal Government is actually on the side of the anti-immigration tea party? I'm referring to the ruling that a rancher cannot hold captives on his land, no matter their legal status. See, the Federal government loves this debate. People get passionate about it; without it, the tea party would have to get mad about real social issues like the drug war! They might get past institutional bigotry and begin to care about social issues that actually matter!

Plus, Sheriff Mack's only judicial ally was a big thorn in their gun-grabbing side.

Fun exchange on Reddit

This is from a comment thread on and article about Rand Paul's seven-hour filibuster in the Senate in lone opposition to the PATRIOT Act.

I feel the commenter spoke for a lot of America - he sounded at once opinionated yet complacent. The elite is desperate to hang on to the status quo, and legions of television watchers are there to back them up in the fight to maintain it. So here's the exchange:

[–]harveyardman (_) 1 hour ago (1|0)

I deeply disagree with about half of those positions. I believe in public schools and I believe that we are the government. I think the EPA and the FDA should do better, but I believe they are generally good. As for civil rights, I do not believe that any businesses have the right to exclude or treat people differently because of their race, religion or gender. Paul's idea of civil rights and mine do not coincide.

Rand Paul is a libertarian, which means that he would be a parasite if he could. He is not interested in maintaining or improving society, but in being as un-involved in it as possible, not contributing to it, while partaking happily in its benefits.

If he had his way, the United States would be a loose association of states, each making its own rules, and "e pluribus unum" would have no real meaning. I find his views largely anti-democratic and unAmerican, although as I implied, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Here's a permalink to in case you want to see more replies:

Monday, May 16, 2011

Why I hate even the most fair and balanced of news sources.

May 16, 2011

NPR has been profiling some of the Republicans who are considering a presidential run in 2012, to find out what first sparked their interest in politics. Read more of those profiles.

Here's the main theme NPR listeners/readers - Nobody your age likes him:

Go to any Ron Paul event and it strikes you immediately: What's up with all the young people?

The 75-year-old Texas congressman packs halls on college campuses. His campaign volunteers often look too young to shave. And even at a recent New York City book signing, it's surprising how many teenagers and 20-somethings are lined up for an autograph, clutching Paul's new book, Liberty Defined.

Sixteen-year-old Rob Gray says the age of the crowd doesn't seem odd to him.

Here's some more young versus old false dichotomy:

It's "the old canard of the young being more open-minded than the old," he says.

Paul, the world's most unlikely teen idol, is running again for president.

I was surprised they didn't just repeat the trusty refrain "world's most unlikely candidate." It gets better. Here's how the next paragraph could read: "You're probably familiar with his latest bid for the presidency in 2008. He also ran twenty years prior, in '88." Instead:

He failed to reach the White House twice before: In 1988, running as a Libertarian, he got less than 1 percent of the vote; in 2008, he made a losing shot at the Republican nomination.

But don't expect the man to reinvent himself[!] Paul is nothing if not consistent. He still wants to shut down the Federal Reserve; still wants to slash the size of government and bring the troops home. Already in the first Republican primary debate, he restated his long-held belief that drugs should be legalized.

Stop reading now NPR listeners, you've heard enough.

It's a unique set of beliefs for a congressman, but that's why his fans love him.

As if common sense is an oddity. I'm just going to highlight some more backhanded rhetoric, goodnight.

At the New York City event, the young people keep packing into the bookstore. The line starts in the children's section, moves through self-help and recovery, past the memoirs and along the great ideas bookshelf.

When Paul arrives, he sits down in the World History section, and his bushy eyebrows go up in surprise.

Paul says it still amazes him when kids want to talk about the Federal Reserve.

"When I was in high school and college, at the age many of those young people are now, I didn't have much interest in politics at all," Paul says. "I was probably more interested in trying to get into medical school."
In 1988, then-Libertarian Party presidential candidate Ron Paul speaks at a rally at Boston's Faneuil Hall.
Peter Southwick/AP

In 1988, then-Libertarian Party presidential candidate Ron Paul speaks at a rally at Boston's Faneuil Hall.

Looking back at his youth, you can see the spark that drove Paul is the same as the one that inspires his fans: a desire for a unified philosophy to make sense of the world.

But for Paul, the ideological search wouldn't come until he was in medical school in the 1950s at Duke University. He was looking for a hobby when he wasn't studying. He didn't want to golf, he says. But he loved to read.

Paul seemed especially taken by a book his mother gave him: Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak.

You can see how the book would resonate: It's about a young, idealistic doctor who wants nothing to do with politics until he is co-opted into the Russian Revolution.

"I was intrigued with this whole idea of Communism and the terrible conditions in Russia and the way Zhivago had to put up with this," Paul says.

It was all about the value of individual liberty. Soon Paul found an economic theory with the same message. He devoured books by the Austrian economists F.A. Hayek and Ludwig von Mises, writing about free-market capitalism.

"It was sort of like a game about how the monetary system worked," he says.

By then you could probably call Paul a libertarian. But he still shunned politics. He just wanted to be a doctor. He moved to Texas and delivered babies.

Still, Paul quietly lived his principles. He would treat any patient who came to him, but he wouldn't accept federal payments like Medicare and Medicaid. He didn't try to change the world — until the world changed on him.

"I remember that day very clearly: Aug. 15, 1971," Paul says. "It was a Sunday night when the announcement came."

President Nixon addressed the nation and said he was suspending the convertibility of the dollar into gold. The gold standard was over.

For an Austrian-economics buff like Paul, this was akin to declaring the end of the world. He had learned to hate the idea of paper money backed only by the promises of the government. He thought it would lead to massive inflation.

But even hearing Nixon didn't push Paul to run for office. The real spark came the day after the U.S. left the gold standard, when Paul realized that most of the world didn't seem to care.

"The stock market went up a record amount as a consequence of this disastrous announcement," Paul remembers. "And my interpretation was, my Lord, what's going on here? They are doing everything wrong, and everybody loves it."

So Paul ran for Congress in 1974 because, he says, laughing, "Who wanted to hear me talk about economics while practicing medicine?"

Paul lost but later won a seat from his coastal Texas district in a special election in 1976. In the following years, Paul would move in and out of Congress. He was elected 11 more times. But he never got the U.S. any closer to returning to the gold standard. He was always a lonely voice in Congress, and still is.
Match Game: What Made These Republicans Fall For Politics?
Match Game: What Inspired These Republicans?

Paul rails against government spending — and the budget goes up. He argues against wars — and the troops keep fighting. He calls for the legalization of drugs — and nothing happens.

Even Paul jokes about his lousy track record at changing the world. But when he announced his third run for president, he said perhaps the world is finally coming around to his way of thinking.

It turns out that some young people were listening.

At the New York book signing, every 20-something remembers their Ron Paul spark. For most, it was discovering YouTube videos of Paul's two earlier runs for president.

It's not hard to see the attraction for a college student. They've just left home. They don't want anyone, not their parents, not the government, telling them what to do.

"I think it's just the concept of freedom, being able to choose what you want [anyone else's supporter would have gotten a complimentary " to do" here] with your life," says 26-year-old Kenneth Christiansen.

But there's something more that explains Paul's following. Every young person fears that getting older means a life full of compromises. A few at the book signing even mentioned that someday they may have to support a candidate with a better chance of winning, but not now.

Gray, the teenager, says Paul gives him hope — "that not everyone is a sellout; not everyone is controlled by special interests. There are people who still stick to their principles."

And in that idealistic way, you can say that Paul never grew up.

Real perspective?

Friday, May 13, 2011

"How big's the lie Bob?"

Bob Mueller, a trial lawyer, took the job as the FBI's sixth director in 76 years, just before the ten twelve year plunge into darkness known as September 11^th, 2001. He has thus presided overHow big was it Bob? the entirety of the action plan to "change the world forever."

...Which was accomplished with about 100 grand, and a foot of razor blade wielded by 19 coked up hijackers; (who'd been living in FBI housing) some of the time.

In due course Mueller made sure the FBI thoroughly investigated the matter. He's n ex-marine and a likeable guy. The Commissioners probably all played a round of golf with Dick and W., since so convinced was the 9/11 commission that it had it's man, they did not even bother to look into financing of the terror nor include any findings in the 22 page section of the report. Pg 1, 1^st sentence

All I'm saying is he's a likely lynchpin in this whole macabre charade, this dumb and depravedly demented parade, and before this country careens off into another sunless chasm we must change course or else detach the wheels and hope we skid smoothly to a stop

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Did Trump Pave Obama's Road?
First Some Thoughts on Bin Laden

Found in a wealthy suburb of the capitol city by Pakistan's foremost military academy? This just reeks doesn't it? It would seem as though either

1) We're told it was him, but it's actually an impostor like this fellow from Dec. 2001
2)His location has always been known at least to the ISI and CIA.

It seems that this whole Trump vs. Obama challenge charade was a litmus test for funding. Where should the corporations throw the majority of their money this time? They will hedge their bets either way, but one party is going to be favored, which shall it be? I have an idea, we'll wait for a likely buffoon to rise up as a "challenger," then we'll knock him out with a 1-2 punch.

K.O. assured, Obama will get the funding for the next campaign.

Last time he spent $700,000,000. I'm betting he surpasses $1,000,000,000 this time.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama's Birth - Case Closed? Past Still Sketchy.

Case Closed!

As far as I'm concerned this was all a major distraction. With so many concrete reasons to dislike Obama, this (very speculative) one was pretty laughable.

While it's true that this PDF is made to look like a scan of a page out of a book, it has several layers, but for fuck's sake, if the POTUS can't get a decent looking forgery who can?

I will waste no more time on this, as the truth is either known, or will never be known.

What I would like to point out is the pervasive nature of domestic intelligence, including the MKUltra files, pertaining to CIA behavioral training, (making a manchurian candidate, perhaps?) being carried out at the time Obama was born. Interesting that his Mom would later work for TWO known CIA front groups, the Ford Foundation and USAID, and that the airlift that brought students, including Barry Sr., from West Africa to the US was part of a CIA globalization plan to incorporate those countries.

As for plus Barry himself, he went to work for the Business International Corportation, another known front, as a 22 year old.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"L1b3rty Live" Coming Soon

It has come to our attention that pictures and video gleaned from the web are getting stale to some readers. Soon we will be trying to get informative interviews with folks the MSM tends to ignore. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Today on Reddit

I referenced this post in a reddit comment. This is the result: